Customer Relationship Management
(Mobile and Telephony based Solutions)

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CRM for you?

CRM systems are designed to compile information on customers across different channels which could include

  • company’s website
  • telephone
  • live chat
  • direct mail
  • marketing materials and
  • social media

A CRM software necessarily helps make sense of the data collected from various sources and execute a business transaction ultimately that generates revenue for the organization. It can also give detailed information on customers’ personal information, purchase history, buying preferences and concerns.

CRM on Mobile?

Yes, it’s true. Now your field staff doesn’t have to come back to the office to fill in lengthy visit reports. These can be easily maintained by literally 1 or 2 clicks on the smartphones that they’d be carrying.

It’s all possible with India’s FIRST MOBILE CRM SOLUTION that we are proud to bring to you.

Our principals being pioneers in the field of Thin Clients and Non Windows Operating System, have a classic edge over the other solution providers, that of being your system expert advisors.

Hosted and Onsite CRM for Indian SMEs

Markets in India are growing and maturing. Market size as well as competition, both are growing. Everybody is becoming more and more aware about “CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE”. CRM is answer to many of our challenges, if not all.

But Indian business needs CRM that is Minimal (entry wise) and Comprehensive (functionality wise) both, at the same time. We want maximum reporting and analysis with minimum entry and effort. Our CRM solutions have  successfully attempted to achieve that with hundreds of successful client implementations.

They have been made to talk to your website, telephony, mobile, Customers, Suppliers, Team members and management, thus giving full value for money. 

Telephony Solutions

With our principals we offer Telephony solution which can be integrated with your IT infrastructure to improve business productivity and efficiency.

Hundreds of users of these solutions are a testimony

Yet, nothing can be understood unless we interact with each other. So call us and we’ll show you how we could be of great help to your flourishing business.