Why Mobile?

Why Mobile 2017-04-21T11:04:58+00:00

As our tagline shows, we offer nex-gen technologies.

What better scenario can a business expect than merging of

  • Computational power of modern day pcs and servers
  • Business transaction recording and reporting management of tools like Tally.ERP 9
  • Secured storage on Cloud Servers like Amazon, Google and Microsoft

that will take care of the business data flow?

But all this is futile if the data can’t be accessed on the fly, as and when needed.

You can’t expect the top business managers to run their laptops at busy airports or their cozy beds at the night after a tiresome day to see the business data or sanction a leave or approve a purchase order.

How about the simple accessibility of mobile devices like tabs or smartphones that can double up as business conduits beyond mere communication devices?

With this view in mind we at nexus are bringing together the power of computation and storage with ease of access mobility….literally to the fingertips of the discerned users.

We do this because we know future is getting closer and it is MOBILE. We have to respond today. Don’t you think so too?

Come to nexus, we are equipped to help you get answers in all aspects of your business, be it





based on current and updated MIS.